Stud Males

Granjero Park Tytanium

DOB: 19/03/2015         
IAR: 205352           
Colour: Solid True Black

A standout in the paddock, this true to type, compact male carries some outstanding bloodlines including Shillac, through his sire, Tarraganda Lodge Francisco, and Nomad from his dam. His third fleece remains fine, and displays excellent length, brightness and character.

Certified and ready for Spring matings. 



Tytanium in his third fleece.

Granjero Park Orlando

DOB: 5/02/2019        
IAR: 239706          
Colour: Solid Dark Brown

Up & coming future stud male.



Orlando in his second fleece

Surilana Regal Knight

DOB: 26/03/2019        
IAR: 242994        
Colour: Solid Black

Up & coming future stud male.



Tytanium in his second fleece.